We are in the process replacing our old website, http://searchengineoptimizedwebhosting.seowebsiteguy.net. Unti this transition is complete, all the details can be found there. Both sites still work fine. This one keeps it simple.

SEO Web Hosting: an Executive Summary:

The simple version

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Your SEO Website needs a home. This way, when someone searches Google, and your site comes up in the list, that person clicks your link, and your site appears. Without Web Hosting, your site does not appear.

There is usually a small monthly fee for Web Hosting. We have bundled this fee with our ongoing SEO services into one low monthly payment. This is SEO Web Hosting.

To get started, follow the steps below.

SEO Websites need SEO Web Hosting. For more explanation, see http://searchengineoptimizedwebhosting.seowebsiteguy.net.

1. SEO Website

You can get started on your SEO Website as soon as you can get started filling out this questionairre. Our estimates are faster, cheaper, more accurate, and in writing -- if you fill out an RFP (Request for Proposal), but do feel free to call or contact us in any way.

2. SEO Web Hosting

After you fill out this form, you probably know which plan on the right works for you. If you will have more than one domain name, or need to update your website yourself, select accordingly.

3. Domain Names

You can choose and buy your domain name(s) from us here.